Dear September, Please be good to me.

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I woke up this morning and apparently it’s September. Instead of wondering how that is possible, I have to admit that I’m just glad that August is over. This past month was a rough one for me with many bad days and few good ones. As the saying goes, you have to put up the rain in order to enjoy the rainbowso September, you better be bringing me a lot of sunshine and rainbows. I think I’ve earned it with all of the rain I’ve put up with these past few weeks.

In the past three hours,I have two wonderful, pick-me-up conversations: one with my mom and one with my brother.

Vacation is one of the reasons why I’m anticipating September to be much better for me.

This morning a thought entered my mind as I was getting ready to pop my daily routine: Maybe I’m supposed to feel this way. I’m a single twenty-one year old, why shouldn’t I feel lost? Confused? Unsure of who I am and what I want?

University opens doors for me to explore new horizons and uncover (new) layers of knowledge. It lets me learn new interests, new hobbies, new likes, new dislikes. Here  I learnt who I am and who I want to be.  I, myself, fell somewhere in the middle as I gave in to some of the temptations to find myself lost with a diploma.

But as much as I open up about my frustrations and anxieties, I’ll tell you one thing: I’ll never give up. I wish there were easy answers to the questions running around in my head. I know that I’ll get there, I’m just not sure when nor how. But I promise you, and I promise myself that I will.

I’ve this song in my head all day, hearing it by a female singer (for some reason). Have a Little Faith in Me (by Jewel) I need to have more faith in the people who love and support me. I need to have more faith that everything happens for a reason. And most importantly, I need to have more faith in myself.