Presentaion on Flood in Pakistan [Part 2]


My Appeal to The Entire World

To:United Nations,International community

Your Excellencies,

At the time of writing of this appeal, the worst floods in Pakistan in almost last 120 years have rendered about 15 million people homeless and have taken at least a couple of thousand lives.  Floods in Pakistan have affected more people than those displaced in the 2005 Asian Tsunami and the deadly earthquakes in South Asia and Haiti combined, the United Nations said.

Victims of the worst floods are searching for hope. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes, drinking water is filthy and contaminated, and food is scarce. One look at the devastating images of men and women walking through brown water up to their chests makes all of us feel grateful for our comfortable — and dry — homes.

Millions in Pakistan need clean water, sanitary food, housing and medical care. Some Organizations are now on the ground helping those displaced by this worst flood.

There are no doctors and no medicines, and the facilities are very poor.

Here in Pakistan we need your help to over come this Destruction.

I appeals to the entire world to come forward and help the hopeless people of Pakistan.

It remains to be seen if Pakistani nation shall rise to the challenge as it did in the aftermath of 2005 earth quake and would the international community come to her rescue in the same way it did then?

Azkaar Ali,

A citizen of Pakistan waiting your response….!




What Can You Do To Help The Victims Of The Floods In Pakistan?

I though I need to  write  post about how you can help the relief effort for the Pakistan floods.

Pakistan floods

Pakistan has been hit by the worst flooding in the region in 80 years, 1.5 million people in the north of the country are thought to have been effected by the flooding and landslides. Dozens of villages have been washed away and the destruction of around 100’s bridges has left many more cut off from relief efforts. Over 1500 people have been killed already but many more at at risk now, particularly from the threat of disease.

People in the flood’s wake were already desperately poor and what little possessions they had have been washed away. The extent of this crisis is only slowly emerging. The more villages that are reached the grimmer the picture becomes. There is a desperate need for temporary shelter, clean drinking water and toilets to avert a public health catastrophe. People also need medical care and basic food items. We are looking at a sizable aid package that will require a great deal of public support. – Jane Cocking humanitarian director of Oxfam.

The problem to getting aid to cut off areas are complicated by the political situation in northern Pakistan. The army has so far managed to rescue 60,000 people but progress is slow and some areas have yet to be reached. 27,000 people are still thought to be stranded although this is only an estimate.

International aid is arriving in Pakistan but as usual the charities attempting to offer support need more money in order to provide clean water and medical supplies to those in need. Most of the big global charities are accepting donations specifically for Pakistan  including:

Please consider making a donation, it there a luxury you could do without? Can you spare £20 or $20? I don’t mean to tell you what to do with your money but it could make a big difference to a family in need in Pakistan.

If can’t do this then pray for suffering people of Pakistan.