A final Goodbye to my Hostel Seniors.

Tonight was officially last night of my hostel seniors at hostel.Rest of hostel living students organized a fare well party in the honor of seniors.I started the farewell tonight with some sadness in my mind but with a lot more hope of their great coming days.I wished them a spontaneous future. Some of my Seniors (Aqdas Rehman, Mudassir Afzal, Waleed khalid, Fawwad Tahir, Mubeen, Sohaib Rauf, Wadood ch, Imran hazoor, Khurrum Mehboob and many more) shared their good and bad days in hostel and made very interesting but advices filled speeches to us.

Right now what is more important is how their lives at I.U.B (RYK Campus) is came to a close. And I have to admit, I feel a little sad. I.U.B (RYK Campus) had become a big, happy part of my otherwise sad little life. And I will miss all the people who are leaving hostel. And will miss hating all the people I hated. Not that I hate anyone. Iqbal hall hostel  is a special place and the BsCs class of 2007 is even more special to me.This was one smart bunch of good people. Probably the best batch I.U.B (RYK Campus) has had to date. And if not to date, then definitely better than the numerous others who lived before them and came after, during the time they were there. About the things I will miss, the people I love and *drum roll* the people I did not love at Iqbal hall hostel. Call me irrational, frivolous or stupid but June 2011 is the start of a brand new year for them. A much-needed break year.I am sorry I will not be a part of their coming life, but they should know I will be watching them from far away – through Facebook pictures. So be good. Keep me posted with the I.U.B gossip and I will keep you posted with mine. Eat an extra bite of chicken for my sake. And try hard for better future. Now that I have that clear, finally, GOOD-bye.

Photo stream of this joyous party can be seen on my facebook profile after a while.