Top six courses that need to be introduced in Pakistani Universities

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1. Un-plagirism 101 – A dummy’s guide to writing term reports and giving examinations without the use of copy-pasting and sneak-peeking. 

2. Introduction to ethical Elections – A beginner’s course that studies the various aspects of on-campus elections and how to whiz through them without using unethical means.

3. Garbage-picking fundamentals  This course lays the theoretical and applicative foundation in order to produce environment-friendly business students.  

4. Problem solving and complaint resolving – This first level problem solving course shall cover the principles and practice of problem solving using positive attitudes and self-constraint from whiny behaviour.

5. Basic toilet using techniques – This introductory course is designed to teach the minimal etiquettes that apply when using public toilets and how to not end up leaving them in a condition that can lead to migraines and unconsciousness for the next user.

6. Principles of self-care and hygiene – The objective of this course is to in grain the fundamentals of using deodorants and frequent showers, in students, so that they are worthy of interacting with other human beans.