Microsofts latest antivirus

Microsoft® Security Essential (MSE) is Microsofts latest antivirus (and antimalware) program.

Its works similar to other antivirus , but with the speciality that It uses very less resources  like CPU, RAM and the latest Windows® OS.

Also, the User Interface of this antivirus is very good.

MSE virus/malware alert:-

-Microsoft Security Essentials tray icon alert that a potential threat
is detected but may not be critical.

-Microsoft Security Essential tray icon alert that virus infection found
and this is critical.

Cleaning  viruses with MSE:-

It’s very easy to clean your computer from viruses with MSE since it
is just few mouse-clicks are needed.

Microsoft Security Essential providing thread (virus) details.

Microsoft Security Essential demanded user actions are been taken.

Microsoft Security Essential updating the user with information that the virus has been removed.

MSE can easily detect viruses thanks to virus signatures, however, MSE uses
the heuristics technology as well. MSE also adapts components from
Microsoft Forefront Client Antivirus program.

You can Download this Antivirus from here.