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Final Good-bye to “The king-of-fast SHOAIB AKHTAR”

In Celebrations

The True Legend

Shoaib Akhtar , as we all know,has announced his retirement from International Cricket.As World Cup is over for Pakistan.So I would like to Pay a Tribute to him by Writing a post on it .

The Legend Shoab Akhtar.

A raging machine, show stopper and a match winner, Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan cricket team has stunned the world of cricket with his pace for over a decade now. Better known as the ‘Rawalpindi Express’, the veteran speedster is questionably the fastest bowler ever to have played the game and his Yorkers are a night mare for even the best batsmen in the business.

Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1975 the well built right arm fast bowler made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 1998. Since then he has represented his country in a 157 matches and has had 242 victims in total, most of which have been either LBWs or bowled. He bagged all these scalps at a good average of 24.50 and has the best bowling figures of 6/16. Shoaib Akhtar’s career has always been the center of controversy starting right from his bowling action being questioned to the doping scandals, he has often been the reason of attention for wrong rather than right reasons. Fingers have been pointed towards his fitness levels and for this reason he has been left out of the Pakistan side on a number of occasions, but he has always come back strong against the expectations of his critics and bowled with great speed and accuracy.

Shoaib had an excellent Cricket World Cup in 1999 in which he played a vital role for his team in reaching the finals of the tournament. However, the next edition in 2003 was a dismal outing for the speedster. He was left out of the 2007 Cricket World Cup due to a controversy with team mates.

He also played for Kolkata Knight Riders in Indian Premier league 2008. where he took 4 wickets for 11 runs from three overs , in a famous victory against Delhi DareDevils .

In 2011 Cricket World Cup he played in his last match against New Zealand.he bowled a stunning 159.8 kmh delivery in his last match.He didn’t played in Semi final against India which Pakistan lose by 29 runs.

Cricket will surely miss him and would hardly be able to find such a flamboyant character both on and off the field.
Famous Quotes :

A collection of quotes from Shoaib Akhtar and by others about him over his colourful career.
“How many diamonds can you retrieve from one single mine; there has to be an end somewhere. I don’t see any natural fast bowler after me.”
Shoaib Akhtar, the last of Pakistan’s gems, foretells a grim future (June 14, 2008)

“I think I will donate the money to Mother Teresa or something like that.”
Shoaib’s latest ‘Shoaibism’ when asked about his IPL earnings. (May 30, 2008)

“Once Shoaib sees the crowds, and of course the babes around, I think he will be able to perform.”
Wasim Akram has a dig at Shoaib (May 7, 2008)

“The Shoaib Akhtar [of our team] is Asmavia Iqbal … The only difference between him and her is that she’s completely fit, sticks to her game and does the job she’s asked to do.”
Urooj Mumtaz, the Pakistan women’s captain, gets candid (April 24, 2008)

“I don’t know – for us or for Pakistan?”
Graeme Smith wittily replies when asked if the absence of Shoaib would be an advantage during South Africa’s tour of Pakistan (September 29, 2007)

“This would be a first for Shoaib, who is widely regarded as a more committed playboy than cricketer.”
Journalist Malcolm Conn reacts to a quote from Shoaib that he had been keeping himself in shape during his lay-off (May 11, 2007)

“He said I looked like Tarzan, and wondered how I could bowl fast looking like that.”
Shoaib reveals how Andrew Flintoff inadvertently boosted his will to win (December 14, 2005)

“Shoaib, leave the chicken man alone, and start your practice.”
Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer to Shoaib as he chatted to Kevin Pietersen (November 27, 2005)

“I didn’t see him in Australia because he didn’t turn up for the first three days of the Test.”
Steve Harmison on Shoaib’s laissez-faire attitude to the Super Test (November 11, 2005)

“This is not a joke, so just shut up.”
John Wright cracks the whip as Shoaib interrupts him during a Super Series team meeting (October 20, 2005)

“A bloke’s bowling at 150kph trying to rip the fingers off your arms or probably even worse. It gets your blood going and the adrenalin pumping. You are in a fight. And to me that’s what Test cricket is all about.”
Justin Langer on the joys of facing Shoaib (January 1, 2005)

It is quite surprising that one is unfit in Pakistan and by reaching England gets fit overnight.”
Shaharyar Khan, the PCB chairman, is piqued at Shoaib playing for Durham immediately after landing in England (May 12, 2004)

“I am not an angel, I have my bad days and good days. I am still learning day by day.”
Shoaib makes a candid confession after Pakistan’s victory in the Lahore Test (April 10, 2004)

“We will try and pull the chain and stop the train midway.”
Sourav Ganguly, when asked how his team plan to counter Shoaib, the “Rawalpindi Express” (March 4, 2004)

” shoaib akhtar goes to kill me ” in the match againstWest Indies.
Brain Lara in a press conference in 2005.

Shahid Afridi:

“We feel sad for Akhtar as he has been a very nice team-mate and we’ll always remember him as someone who always tried hard for the team and every player thanks him,” said skipper Shahid Afridi.

Team-mates embraced Akhtar at R. Premadasa stadium where Pakistan played with Australia in final group game .

“Akhtar told us about his decision and we respect that, so everyone wished him the best of luck in his future. I enjoyed playing with him,” said Afridi.

Coach Waqar Younis praised Akhtar’s decision.

“I played with him and then coached him. He has been a great bowler for the country and served the team well. It is a nice way to leave the place for youngsters and that’s something we must appreciate,” he said.

Former captain Ramiz Raja said he would like to remember Akhtar as a fighter.

“I would like to remember him as a tearaway bowler who with his strike-rate was a match winner on his day. He battled through injuries and controversies with a lot of heart throughout his career,” said Ramiz.

Records :
– He bowled a record 100.2 Mph delivery against England in 2003 cricket World Cup.
– Also bowled a Fastest over in the history of Cricket .

Famous Kills :

– Ricky Ponting
– Gerry kristen
– Justin Langer
– Sourav ganguly
– Brain Lara
– Adam Gilchrist
– Sachin Tendulkar

Shoaib Akhtar’s best Performances :

– 4 for 71 v India, Asian Test Championship, Kolkata, 1999

– 3 for 55 v New Zealand, World Cup semi-final, Manchester, 1999

– 6 for 11 v New Zealand, 1st Test, Lahore, 2002

– 5 for 21 v Australia, 1st Test, Colombo, 2002

– 5 for 25 v Australia, 3rd ODI, Brisbane, 2002

– 6 for 30 v New Zealand, 2nd Test, Wellington, 200


Deal with exam fear

Tomorrow, Final exams of 5th semester of my BsCs going to start. I am very much worried. I felt that i have to be calm.So, I did a try to  written this post for students having fear of exams.Read it and pray for me.

is often a universal cry that students have to do away with exams. Some of course love doing them as it is a chance to perform! If you have a strong dislike for exams or get overly anxious when exam season comes around, you need to do something about it as it certainly does affect your performance.

  1. Prepare early : Predicting what is important and what is not  an easy task for students.  If you want to do well on your exam you have got to start working on your syllabus early. The more you cover, the more confident you will feel.
  2. Prepare all the essentials you need: It is often the biggest mistake students make when they rush off to exams with a sleepy and panicked mind. Make sure you keep everything in place the night before such as extra pens, geometry set, logarithmic tables, and more.
  3. Last minute cramming: No matter how much you prepare, there may be some surprises. You need to do your best, but perhaps you could not cover every little bit. The important thing is to stay calm and not try to cram too much new information before entering the hall, you will simply get nervous.
  4. Believe in yourself: You need to know that you cannot always ace everything. Losing out on one subject should not make you doubt your abilities. Remember a lot of the big names like Benjamin Franklin, Billionaire Jim Clark (of Netscape fame), Richard Branson were all school dropouts.  The moral is not to skip school, but rather to do something with your learning than just score high marks.
  5. Get proper sleep and eat well: Remember, to perform you need ample rest and relaxation. You can take music therapy or meditation if you have a serious panic attack problem when it comes to exams. Else just eat a light meal, sleep well and don’t overdose on coffee the night before your exams.

Don’t Forward SMS without Verification

Forward messages are essential part of our lives now a days. We receive all sort of forward messages, including but not limited to wishes, jokes, interesting information, anti-government, activism messages, Quaranic verses and hadiths.

Mostly, we forward these messages to a pre-defined list of friends, even without considering the authenticity of the content in the SMS.

This is a good use of technology to spread the knowledge, entertainment and religious values, however it is unfortunate that this social habit is misused by some people who have started spreading altered or even self made hadiths.

The time has come when we need to keep a check on all incoming SMS and must not forward Hadiths in particular, and all other SMS in general without verification and authorization.

Check following example (copied from here):

SMS Question thumb Dont Forward SMS without Verification

Post Courtesy: ProPkistani

Hostel Life: What I hate

Shifting back to ” The Islamia University of Bahawalpur”Hostel after long summer vacations on coming Monday.I enjoyed hostel life for 2 years.There are somethings which I hate in Hostel,describing below.

The Warden: I wonder if while hiring hostel wardens, the administration specifically looks for bitter, old, and mostly hard persons who will make sure that life is unbearably hard for students at the The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Hostel. They inculcate a sense of fear among those destined to be at their mercy. With a paper and pen ready, they are constantly waiting to pounce on their victims just so they can attach another notice on the board of disorderly conduct.

The Washrooms: It is an absolute pain walking into a wet washroom. The pain scale shoots to 10 when the washroom is both wet and littered with hair. Mind-boggling. Vomit-inspiring.

The Mess: Ever wondered why the hostel just cannot have a proper cafeteria.The meal that is cooked at mess would have a bad taste and very expensive in cost. Have you tried to figure out what it will take for authorities to manage Mess at hostel properly.

The Roommate: When you join a hostel first, you are either stuck with two or three boys(in case of small room) or five to six(if you entertained with a big room). It is only a few years later that you may actually a space on your own. However, before that happens, for some odd reason you are always stuck with people you are not compatible with at all. They will happily sleep at 10 p.m sharp requiring you to switch the lights off without any regard for the fact that you have to study. They refuse to use a pair of headphones. They insist on eating their meals in the bedroom leaving a perpetual stench. Unless you put your foot down, the tirade of shamelessness goes on.

The absence of hot water and heaters during winters: There is never enough warm water in the winters. If, unfortunately, your hostel happens to be in Murree; life is definitely difficult during winters. Heaters were obviously not allowed in the rooms lest the students leave them on which is, indeed, sensible. Yet it still sucks to be shivering all winter.

The Backbiting: While I have come across some of the best people at Hostel, there is no dearth of those who will make sure they report everything whether it is true or false to the wretched warden. If they can’t get hold of the warden, they will make it their business to talk about you behind your back to everyone who is ready to listen.

Bunk beds: I don’t think this one needs explanation.

The no-television policy: As if  life at the hostel isn’t dreary enough, there are these rules which forbid you from any fun activity whatsoever. Watching TV beyond the specified hours earns you bad points. Blaring music was obviously not allowed and rightfully so, I would add reluctantly. Sundays were worth waiting for.

The Goodbyes: No matter how hard it is living with a bunch of strangers for years, it is painful to say goodbye. Life at University Hostel is full of memories cherished to be forever – minus the encounters with the warden or someone else!

How To Say “I Love You” In Different Languages (Real)

This article is a compilation of all the translations of “I LOVE YOU” I could find. The goal of this list was first a personnal goal, but know I makes it open for you.

    If there is more than one version of a sentence, just choose the one that suits you best. The order was just a consequence of latinish alphabetic translation. And last, I don’t understand even a single word of most of these languages, so please do not mess around with me.

    Language                Translation
    --------                -----------
    afrikaans               Ek het jou liefe
    afrikaans               Ek is lief vir jou
    alsacien                Ich hoan dich gear
    amharic                 Afekrishalehou
    arabic                  Ana Behibak 
                            (to a male)
    arabic                  Ana Behibek 
                            (to a female)
    arabic                  Ib'n hebbak.
    arabic                  Ana Ba-heb-bak
    arabic                  nhebuk
    arabic                  OHIBOKE    
                            male to female
    arabic                  OHIBOKA    
                            female to male
    arabic                  OHIBOKOM
    arabic                  NOHIBOKE   
    arabic                  NOHIBOKA   
    arabic                  NOHIBOKOMA                
    arabic                  NOHIBOKOM  
    arabic                  NOHIBOKON  
    arabic                  BAHIBAK    
                            female to male
    arabic                  BAHIBIK    
                            male to female
    assamese                Moi tomak bhal pau
    basc                    Nere Maitea
    batak                   Holong rohangku di ho
    bavarian                I mog di narrisch gern
    bengali                 Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi
    bengali                 Ami tomake bhalobashi
    berber                  Lakh tirikh
    bicol                   Namumutan ta ka
    bolivian Quechua        qanta munani
    bulgarian               Obicham te
    burmese                 chit pa de
    cambodian               Bon sro lanh oon
    cambodian               kh_nhaum soro_lahn 
    canadian French         Sh'teme  (spoken, 
                            sounds like this)
    cantonese               Ngo oi ney
    catalan                 T'estim   (mallorcan)
    catalan                 T'estim molt 
    catalan                 T'estime  (valencian)
    catalan                 T'estimo (catalonian)
    cebuano                 Gihigugma ko ikaw.
    chickasaw               chiholloli   
    chinese                 Wo ie ni
    corsican                Ti tengu cara 
                            (to female)
    corsican                Ti tengu caru 
                            (to male)
    croatian                LJUBim te
    czech                   miluji te
    czech                   MILUJU TE! 
                            (colloquial form)
    danish                  Jeg elsker dig
    dutch                   Ik hou van jou
    dutch                   Ik ben verliefd op je
    ecuador Quechua         canda munani
    esperanto               Mi amas vin
    estonian                Mina armastan sind
    estonian                Ma armastan sind
    farsi                   Tora dust midaram
    farsi                   Asheghetam
    farsi (Persian)         doostat dAram
    filipino                Mahal ka ta
    filipino                Iniibig Kita
    finnish                 Mina" rakastan sinua
    flemish                 Ik zie oe geerne
    french                  Je t'aime
    friesian                Ik hald fan dei
    gaelic                  Ta gra agam ort
    galego (galicia)        querote (or) amote
    german                  Ich liebe Dich
    greek                   s' agapo
    greek (old)             (Ego) philo su (ego is only needed for emphasis)
    gujrati                 Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon.
    hausa                   Ina sonki
    hebrew                  Ani ohev otach       (male to female)
    hebrew                  Ani ohev otcha       (male to male)
    hebrew                  Ani ohevet otach     (female to female)
    hebrew                  Ani ohevet otcha     (female to male)
    hindi                   Mai tumse pyar karta hoo
    hokkien                 Wa ai lu
    hopi                    Nu' umi unangwa'ta
    hungarian               Szeretlek
    hungarian               Szeretlek te'ged
    icelandic               Eg elska thig
    indonesian              Saja kasih saudari
    indonesian              Saya Cinta Kamu
    indonesian              Saya cinta padamu
    indonesian              Aku cinta padamu
    irish                   taim i' ngra leat
    italian                 ti amo (if it's a relationship/lover/spouse)
    italian                 ti voglio bene (if it's a friend, or relative)
    japanese                Kimi o ai shiteru
    japanese                Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu
    javanese                Kulo tresno
    kannada                 Naanu Ninnanu Preethisuthene
    kannada                 Naanu Ninnanu Mohisuthene
    kiswahili               Nakupenda
    klingon                 qabang
    klingon                 qaparHa' (depends where in the galaxy you are)
    korean                  Tangsinul sarang ha yo
    korean                  Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida
    korean                  No-rul sarang hae (man to woman in casual
    korean                  Tangshin-ul sarang hae-yo
    korean                  Tangshin-i cho-a-yo (i like you, in a romantic
    kurdish                 Ez te hezdikhem (?)
    lao                     Koi muk jao
    latin                   Te amo
    latin                   Vos amo
    latin (old)             (Ego) amo te (ego, for emphasis)
    latvian                 Es milu tevi (Pronounced "Ess tevy meeloo")
    lingala                 Nalingi yo
    lisbon lingo            gramo-te bue', chavalinha
    lithuanian              TAVE MYLIU (ta-ve mee-lyu)
    lojban                  mi do prami
    luo                     Aheri
    macedonian              SAKAM TE!
    madrid lingo            Me molas, tronca
    malay                   Saya cintamu
    malay                   Saya sayangmu
    malay/Indonesian        Aku sayang enkow
    malay/Indonesian        Sayah Chantikan Awah
    malayalam               Njyaan Ninne' Preetikyunnu
    malayalam               Njyaan Ninne' Mohikyunnu.
    mandarin                Wo ai ni
    marathi                 me tujhashi prem karto (male to female)
    marathi                 me tujhashi prem karte (female to male)
    mohawk                  Konoronhkwa
    navaho                  Ayor anosh'ni
    ndebele                 Niyakutanda
    norwegian               Eg elskar deg  (Nynorsk)
    norwegian               Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) (pronouncedyai elske
    osetian                 Aez dae warzyn
    persian                 Tora dost daram
    polish                  Kocham Cie
    polish                  Ja cie kocham
    portuguese              Amo-te
    portuguese (brazilian)  Eu te amo
    punjabi                 Mai taunu pyar karda.
    romanian                Te iu besc
    russian                 Ya vas liubliu
    russian                 ya liubliu tebia
    russian                 ya tebia liubliu
    russian                 Ya polyubeel tebya.
    scot Gaelic             Tha gra\dh agam ort
    serbian                 LUBim te.
    serbocroatian           volim te
    shona                   Ndinokuda
    sinhalese               Mama oyata adarei
    sioux                   Techihhila
    slovak                  lubim ta
    slovene                 ljubim te
    spanish                 Te quiero
    spanish                 Te amo
    srilankan               Mama Oyata Arderyi
    swahili                 Naku penda (followed by the person's name)
    swedish                 Jag a"lskar dig
    swiss-German            Ch'ha di ga"rn
    syrian/Lebanes          BHEBBEK (to a female)
    syrian/Lebanes          BHEBBAK (to a male)
    tagalog                 Mahal kita
    tamil                   Ni yaanai kaadli karen     (You love me)
    tamil                   n^An unnaik kAthalikkinREn (I love you)
    tcheque                 MILUJI TE^
    telugu                  Neenu ninnu pra'mistu'nnanu
    telugu/india            Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu
    thai                    Ch'an Rak Khun
    thai                    Phom Rak Khun
    tunisian                Ha eh bak                     *
    turkish                 Seni seviyo*rum     (o* means o)
    ukrainian               ja tebe koKHAju  (real true love)
    ukrainian               ja vas koKHAju
    ukrainian               ja pokoKHAv tebe
    ukrainian               ja pokoKHAv vas
    urdu                    Mujhe tumse mohabbat hai
    vietnamese              Em ye^u anh   (woman to man)
    vietnamese              Toi yeu em
    vietnamese              Anh ye^u em   (man to woman)
    vlaams                  Ik hue van ye
    vulcan                  Wani ra yana ro aisha
    welsh                   'Rwy'n dy garu di.
    welsh                   Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi)
    yiddish                 Ich libe dich
    yiddish                 Ich han dich lib
    yugoslavian             Ya te volim
    zazi                    Ezhele hezdege (sp?)
    zuni                    Tom ho' ichema
    zulu                    Ngiyakuthanda!


Dosti shayad zindgi hoti hai,
Jo har dil mein basi hoti hai
Waise to jee lete hai sabhi akele magar,
Phir bhi zarurat inki har kisi ko hoti hai..!!

Tanha ho kabhi to mujko dhundna,
duniya se nahi apne dil se poochna,
Aas pas hi kahi base rahte hai hum,
yaado se nahi saath guzare lamho se puchna..!!

Khawaish Hi Nahi Alfaaz Ki,
Chahat Ko To Zarurat Hai Bas Ehsaas Ki,
Paas Hote To Manzar Hi Kya Hota,
Door Se Khabar Hai Hume Aapki Har Saans Ki..!!

Dil jeet le wo jigar hum bhi rakhte hai,
katal kar de wo nazar hum bhi rakhte hai,
Aapse wada hai humara hamesha muskrane ka,
Varna aankho mein samundar hum bhi rakhte hai..!!

Pyar aa jaata hai aankhon mein rone se pehle,
Har khawaab toot jaata hai sone se pehle,
Ishq hai Gunah yeh to samajh gaye,
kaash koi rok leta yeh GUNAH hone se pehle..!!

Palakon se utha ke ye khawaab,
Sajaaye hai kadamon mein tere,
Samhaal ke rakhna kadam