Where is Humanity in Us..?

We are destroying the Atmosphere.


I was in a car with my friends. We had bought fruits and cold drinks to enjoy our journey while gossiping, eating and watching golden fields of wheat in our way. I had a shopper bag to collect waste instead of throwing it out of the car. One of my friends finished his cold drink and opened the window to throw the cane on road side. I asked him not to do it. Surprised by my interruption, he asked me, “Why?” I told him that I have a bag to collect waste. It’s better to keep all the waste in it than throwing out and destroying the beauty of nature. To my utter amazement, he laughed loudly and said, “Will whole country get cleaned if I don’t throw this cane outside?” … I wanted to say something, I wanted to explain … This is just a drop, drops make rivers, then ocean, then … but there was no one to listen my philosophies, no courage to understand them … I felt all alone in the car.I started watching people outside the car and what do I see now … A molvie sahib beating a child with a stick. The little boy was trying to escape but molvie sahib was not ready to spare him. It was a terrible sight.

Before starting this journey, we had thought that we will have a great time and we will enjoy it but every passing scene was making it more painful. Dried canals were giving a silent message that future holds some hard times for us. . . No water for cultivation, no place for fishing, no point for young villagers to get rid of summer heat in cold waters.What will happen with

my homeland? We have polluted the waters, our ignorance has led us to the dark path where we breathe polluted air, we walk on polluted earth and we are doing it ourselves.


What are butterflies? The beautiful colors and patterns they have.When did you see the butterfly last time? I rarely see one. We are killing these delicate creatures. We are killing thousands of species, who have been silently supporting our lives in green fields, fresh air, and flowing waters. Such a brutal nature humans have. We are hunters, and strangely enough, we are the hunters who never hesitate in hunting their own species even.


Nature Shows its Magic

Clouds Photographs published in photographt.  Sky Photographs Clouds Look to the clouds and find shapes seems to be a very common habit. We all can see what our imagination says, though some clouds suggest strongly determinate shapes and all we need to do is a small effort to visualize them.