Presentation on Flood [part 3]


Jo Madad Karay Wo Hath Do…….!

Wo jo Darbadar, Khak basar hoe, Wo jo Lut gae, Be ghhar hoe,wo na mange tm se tmhara ghhar,
Na tmhara Sukh, Na tumhara Dar,

Wo to chahte haen guzar basar,
Un he wadiyo me ummer bhar,

Ye Karra waqt, ye talkhiyan, Ye gradishen, ye bijliyan,
Chalo Qaflo ko karo Rawan,

Aao mil k unka sath do, Jo madad karey wo hath do,
K ye apni dharti k log haen, unhen zindagi ki soghat do,
Unhen phir wohi
ZINDAGI do!!!!!

ZINDAGI do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Appeal to The Entire World

To:United Nations,International community

Your Excellencies,

At the time of writing of this appeal, the worst floods in Pakistan in almost last 120 years have rendered about 15 million people homeless and have taken at least a couple of thousand lives.  Floods in Pakistan have affected more people than those displaced in the 2005 Asian Tsunami and the deadly earthquakes in South Asia and Haiti combined, the United Nations said.

Victims of the worst floods are searching for hope. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes, drinking water is filthy and contaminated, and food is scarce. One look at the devastating images of men and women walking through brown water up to their chests makes all of us feel grateful for our comfortable — and dry — homes.

Millions in Pakistan need clean water, sanitary food, housing and medical care. Some Organizations are now on the ground helping those displaced by this worst flood.

There are no doctors and no medicines, and the facilities are very poor.

Here in Pakistan we need your help to over come this Destruction.

I appeals to the entire world to come forward and help the hopeless people of Pakistan.

It remains to be seen if Pakistani nation shall rise to the challenge as it did in the aftermath of 2005 earth quake and would the international community come to her rescue in the same way it did then?

Azkaar Ali,

A citizen of Pakistan waiting your response….!