Deal with exam fear

Tomorrow, Final exams of 5th semester of my BsCs going to start. I am very much worried. I felt that i have to be calm.So, I did a try to  written this post for students having fear of exams.Read it and pray for me.

is often a universal cry that students have to do away with exams. Some of course love doing them as it is a chance to perform! If you have a strong dislike for exams or get overly anxious when exam season comes around, you need to do something about it as it certainly does affect your performance.

  1. Prepare early : Predicting what is important and what is not  an easy task for students.  If you want to do well on your exam you have got to start working on your syllabus early. The more you cover, the more confident you will feel.
  2. Prepare all the essentials you need: It is often the biggest mistake students make when they rush off to exams with a sleepy and panicked mind. Make sure you keep everything in place the night before such as extra pens, geometry set, logarithmic tables, and more.
  3. Last minute cramming: No matter how much you prepare, there may be some surprises. You need to do your best, but perhaps you could not cover every little bit. The important thing is to stay calm and not try to cram too much new information before entering the hall, you will simply get nervous.
  4. Believe in yourself: You need to know that you cannot always ace everything. Losing out on one subject should not make you doubt your abilities. Remember a lot of the big names like Benjamin Franklin, Billionaire Jim Clark (of Netscape fame), Richard Branson were all school dropouts.  The moral is not to skip school, but rather to do something with your learning than just score high marks.
  5. Get proper sleep and eat well: Remember, to perform you need ample rest and relaxation. You can take music therapy or meditation if you have a serious panic attack problem when it comes to exams. Else just eat a light meal, sleep well and don’t overdose on coffee the night before your exams.


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