Don’t Forward SMS without Verification

Forward messages are essential part of our lives now a days. We receive all sort of forward messages, including but not limited to wishes, jokes, interesting information, anti-government, activism messages, Quaranic verses and hadiths.

Mostly, we forward these messages to a pre-defined list of friends, even without considering the authenticity of the content in the SMS.

This is a good use of technology to spread the knowledge, entertainment and religious values, however it is unfortunate that this social habit is misused by some people who have started spreading altered or even self made hadiths.

The time has come when we need to keep a check on all incoming SMS and must not forward Hadiths in particular, and all other SMS in general without verification and authorization.

Check following example (copied from here):

SMS Question thumb Dont Forward SMS without Verification

Post Courtesy: ProPkistani


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