The Google self driving car

Google revealed a few hours ago about their secret project, a self driving car. What’s really incredible is that they’ve already let it loose into the wild, so experimental as it may be, the system pretty much works.

According to the Google Blog, they gathered some of the best engineers from the DARPA challenges and made a team to build this awesome car, which amazingly looks quite normal (except for the velodyne LIDAR on top… at least that’s what I think it is).

The vehicles (more than one apparently) drove by themselves a total over 140,000 miles (about 225,300 km) with a trained driver and software operator on board monitoring the car and ready to jump in at any time. As far as I know, Google has not released any videos of the cars, but they have been spotted on the road and the guys at Tech Crunch have updated a couple of videos of them.Judging by the fact that the car was actually out on the road, I’d say it shouldn’t be to long until they are available to the public at exaggerated prices, but would they actually be useful? would they actually save lives? I mean yeah, if you take out crazed speeding human behavior out of the equation you should avoid accidents, but these cars should have to be deployed on a HUGELY MASSIVE scale and I doubt people being willing to pay for them or even wanting to use them, because I suppose they would abide to legal speed limits, an attribute I can hardly acknowledge it in ANY driver I know.


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