Vina Malik Jumps into fray

Veena Malik at the red carpet event for the Lu...

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As if the latest spot-fixing controversy was not enough to mar Mohammad Asif’s career, former friend and actor Veena Malik claimed in a programme on Express TV to have evidence of the fast bowler’s involvement in match-fixing. Asif, who played in the last Test against England at Lord’s, is one of the four players alleged to have played a role in spot-fixing after he bowled a no-ball exactly at a time specified by bookmaker Mazhar Majeed.

“I have proof that Asif is involved in match-fixing. On the Australian tour, he talked to me and said Pakistan will not win any series in 2010,” said Veena.

She added that Asif’s influence was rubbing off on the 18-year-old Mohammad Aamir as well, also alleged to have played a role in spot-fixing.

“He said that he called Aamir and influenced him to get involved on the Australian tour. ‘There are as many controversial cases against me as your age’ were his words to Aamir.

“He got out of the doping case in the Indian Premier League after bribing the doctor Rs3 million, an amount that I lent him when we were friends.” The programme host, Kamran Shahid, tried to contact Asif and his lawyer but both were unavailable for comment during the show.


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