In the name of “ALLAH”

ALLAH almighty has kindled the divine flame of illuminating light in man’s mind. Reason is the prerogative of man. It raises him above the beasts. Animals live by instinct. With reason as the eye of his soul and as his guide to steer the bark of his life, man creates culture and civilization and progresses towards perfection.In the name of ALLAH

ALLAH has ordained that mind shall not lie fallow. Man has to cultivate it and seed it that knowledge may grow upon its soil. Knowledge ploughs its bright way through the darkness of Ignorance. It gives all-seeing eyes to man’s soul to see the light veiled in the clouds.

Knowledge is as ancient as time. It knows no death. It is inviolate and invincible. It rules the world. It is man’s highest acquisition. It is priceless. It is the only treasure that is stolen not and burns not and rusts not and decays not and dies not. Man of knowledge is richer than the richest of men and more powerful than the most powerful potentate. Knowledge gives man wings to fly to the four corners of the earth and soar to the highest heavens to unravel the secrets of life. It is man’s unfailing and life-long friend, his surest and safest guide in life.

ALLAH lighted the torch of knowledge when man first set his foot upon earth. Numberless persons have from generation to generation lighted their lamps at its flame, but the eternal torch goes on burning the same as ever.

Man hides his wealth and jewels. Knowledge is not meant for concealment, nor for hoarding, It is to be sought for from anywhere and to be freely distributed everywhere. It may be imparted to a million people from sunrise to sunset and it will know no decrease. Inexhaustible is the store of knowledge.

Endow me with a brain, my kindly Creator, in which the light burns bright. Give me an orderly mind, an active mind and a comprehensive mind, animated by curiosity and inquisitiveness to know and learn. Enlighten my understanding. Let reason rule my conduct. Let me live in the realm of intellect.

If I know anything, I know how little I know of the immeasurable that lies before me to know. Let me own my ignorance with humility that I may move onward on the path of knowledge. Let me not be arrogant of my knowledge. Let me never think that I know enough. Let me ever crave for more knowledge than I have. Let me consecrate my soul to knowledge. Let me be poor in purse, but rich in knowledge. Let me bear aloft the torch of knowledge.


2 thoughts on “In the name of “ALLAH”

  1. May ALLAH bless your work………..!
    May ALLAH bless you with long and healthy life …!

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